Elma Dry TD

Safe and efficient drying of parts with warm and cold air –

Elmadry TD drying units are available in 3 sizes (30, 120 and 300) and designed for use in production, workshop and service. After ultrasonic cleaning, the parts are first rinsed in the basket with municipal water and then conveniently placed in the Elmadry TD drying unit.

Fitted with cold and hot air blower (70 °C), sensitive parts can also be dried gently. In cold air operation, the parts to be dried can also be cooled quickly. The hot air function is activated while the cover is on. The cover has ventilation slots, ensuring that maximum air turbulence is produced and the moist air is conducted to the outside. At the same time, the cover reduces energy consumption.

Elmadry TD 30

The dust filter on the underside is replaceable and prevents re-soiling of the cleaned parts by the dust in the room air.

Elmadry TD units are very user-safe thanks to the safety shutdown upon reaching the limit temperature.

Technical Data Elmadry TD

 Elmadry TD 30Elmadry TD 120Elmadry TD 300
Tank labour capacity (l)
Heating power (W)4805501100
Temperature max. (°C)707070
Unit out dimensions W/D/H (mm)300/186/219362/285/322568/347/322
Tank inner dimensions W/D/H (mm)240/137/100300/240/200505/300/200
Max. basket loading (kg)
Basket inner dimensions W/D/H (mm)198/106/51250/190/115455/250/114
Weight (kg)

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