Elmasonic E series – Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elma E Series Ultrasonic Cleaners are the Economy range of Elma ultrasonic cleaners. Basic features include, on board Timer and Heater.

The cleaning period can be set to permanent or short-term operation. For reasons of safety, the unit automatically switches off after 12 hours. The turning knob allows temperature settings between 30° and 80° C, variable in 5° steps. Operation of the unit is easy and can be learned in no time at all.

Renowned Elma quality and improved design
The drain valve on the back can be turned and is operated by a turning knob on the unit side (Techspan E 60 H up- wards). The material used and the thorough technology prolong the service life of the units.

A rewarding investment
You will hardly fi nd another ultrasonic cleaning unit of comparable quality and with as many standardised features as the units of the Elma E series at the same price!

The plastic cover is included with every E series ultrasonic cleaner.

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