Elmasonic MED

Elmasonic Med – Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaning
according to the latest regulations

Elmasonic Med is the series of efficient and MDR compliant ultrasonic cleaning devices (3 – 90 l). Elmasonic Med devices are used for the pre-cleaning of instruments, protheses and implants in:

  • Medical centers and dental practices
  • Hospitals and CSSDs
  • Dental laboratories
  • Foot care salons
  • Tattoo und piercing studios

With 37 kHz ultrasonic frequency and 5 ultrasonic modes even stubborn contaminations can be removed.

Elmasonic MED functions:

  • degas – Quick degassing
  • eco – Quiet and engergy efficient operation as well as long device service life
  • sweep – More consistent ultrasonic cleaning
  • pulse – For the stubbornes of contamination
  • dynamic – Automatic change between pulse and sweep modes for even better cleaning results

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