Elmasteam for a Medical Clean

Hygiene is a basic prerequisite for the production and preparation of medical instruments.

Stubborn contaminates, like coagulated blood can be removed fast and gently with Elma Steam.

In hospitals, the preparation of instruments is a highly complex process, and at the end of it a product is expected to be delivered which represents no risks for patients and users.

During the central preparation of surgical instruments, ultrasonic cleaning devices as well as steam cleaners are being used during pre-cleaning. Contaminates from orthopaedics or electro-surgery in particular can be easily and gently cleaned.

Powerful cleaning in the CSSD
Certain instruments, such as burrs, drills and electro-surgical instruments, often do not become sufficiently clean by standard washing and disinfecting units.

The Elmasteam 8 med steam jet cleaner is the ideal tool to pre-clean such instruments and smoothly removes even tenacious contaminates – including burnt-in tissue on electro-surgical forceps. So these valuable instruments are preserved.

The insides of hollow body instruments can be connected directly to the Luer-Lock-connection at the hand-piece or can be cleaned with the optionally available adapter set.

The high performance of the Elmasteam 8 med is due to the optimised piping system with larger cross sections, the intelligent pump control, the increased heating power (60% more) as well as the optimised heating position.

The intelligent control system of the Elmasteam 8 med calculates, by means of preset water hardness and the intensity and frequency of use, the proper time for decalcification. The user is led step by step through the decalcification process. Due to this integrated decalcification programme and the protection against dry running of the heating, the Elmasteam 8 med is highly reliable and fit for use for a long time.

Steam jet cleaning can be used for cleaning places that are difficult to access, as steam spreads 3-dimensionally.

Elmasteam 8 Med is a registered Medical device (class 1).

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