Elma Steam 4.5 for Jewellery

The new generation of steam jet cleaners 4.5 – made by Elma Germany !

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Merry Christmas 2018

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and safe and happy holidays. 

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Elmasteam for a Medical Clean

Hygiene is a basic prerequisite for the production and preparation of medical instruments.
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Automotive parts Cleaned with Ultrasound

In this video clip, see a number of automotive parts being cleaned in an Elma ultrasonic cleaner.
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Ultrasonic Cleaning Revives Brass

Elma Germany manufacturers highest quality equipment for the fine cleaning of highly sensitive components, which it has been doing for over 5 decades years.
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Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals

Techspan carry a range of ultrasonic cleaning fluids suitable for an array of applications.
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Ultrasonic Cleaner Sound Protection Enclosures

Do you have a problem with noise from your ultrasonic cleaner?
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Elma in the Laboratory

Ultrasonic cleaners are being used widely for an array of applications in the lab. Read more

Christmas Holiday Closure Dates Announced

Techspan and Elma Germany – factory visit 2017

Long term partner, Techspan Group, paid Elma a visit at their head office in Singen, Germany –
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