Elmasonic ‘new look’ EASY Series video clip

Here is a short video clip to show off the ‘new look’ Elmasonic EASY series ultrasonic cleaners.

Elma Germany turns 75

NEW look EASY series from Elma

Elmasonic Easy Getting started made easy.

Coming soon – New Elma Accessories

NEW Elma Accessories – coming soon  Accessories for Elmasonic devices Only the right accessories and equipment will ensure perfect cleaning results. From cleaning baskets to inserts and holders – See the new accessories for your Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaning device.


Elma Mutebox Noise protection box. Ingeniously innovative. 

Elma Dry TD

Safe and efficient drying of parts with warm and cold air –

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Elma Ultrasonics to show at Jewellery Trade Fair Auckland

Techspan New Zealand will participate at the upcoming Jeweller & Watchmakers Trade Fair in September 2023 – TRADE ONLY EVENT

Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners at Carnival Motorsport Festival Taupo

Techspan  will be attending the CARnival Motorsport event in Taupo 14th – 16th October, and will be showing the large industrial ultrasonic cleaners (ST series) –

ELMA on Show at JWNZ Trade Fair 2022

Techspan New Zealand have just completed their participation in the JWNZ Jewellery Trade Fair in Auckland New Zealand.


The Elmasonic “SELECT” series is the evolution of the previous “S” series cleaners.
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