PCB’s Cleaned with Ultrasonics

Printed circuit boards can be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaning

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100 year old Clock Movement – like new after Ultrasonic Cleaning

Is your cleaning application viable ?
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Ultrasonic Cleaning Hairstylist Equipment

Hygiene has always been important, but in recent times we have seen even more need to ensure we are keeping our equipment hygienically cleaned.
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Elma Germany awarded as Top Innovator 2020

ELMA Innovation Champion 2020 – TOP 100 

This award makes Elma one of the most innovative companies in Germany.
Awarded with the title “Top Innovator 2020” in the TOP 100 innovation competition.

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Elmasonic MED

Elmasonic Med – Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaning
according to the latest regulations

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COVID-19 Essential Supplier

Techspan Essential Service Supplier Notice:

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COVID-19 : Coronavirus Important Notice

What can we do to mitigate risks of spreading of COVID-19 ?

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Christmas Closure dates 2019

Merry Christmas !

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An ultrasonic cleaner can be used for a wide array of cleaning applications. If you want something ‘clean’ get an Elmasonic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner…

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And the WINNER is ….

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