Ultrasonic Cleaners for the Dental Surgery

Ultrasonic Cleaning in Dental Labs

Dentists will see many patients everyday. And these instruments they use to poke around inside your mouth can be extremely sharp – and they will usually end up harboring blood and tissue. Without proper cleaning, any such biological material that remains can harbor infections, which could well become transferred from patient to patient.

Dental instruments (high speed drills etc) have the ability to suck in oral fluids from one patient and to discharge these fluids when being used on the next patient. An ultrasonic cleaner can clean your high and low speed dental instruments to prevent cross infection or contamination between patients.

Ultrasonic Cleaning is the first step in Dental Instrument Sterilization
Ultrasonic Cleaning is more efficient and effective compared to other methods
Ultrasonic Cleaning will minimize the possibility of cross contamination
Ultrasonic Cleaning removes particles that can shield micro organisms
Ultrasonic Cleaning improves Dental safety

Ultrasonic cleaning thus becomes vital prior to Steam cleaning and Autoclave cycles.

Elmasonic Denta Pro series – Ultrasonic Cleaners for the Dentist
The Denta Pro series, is the first ultrasonic cleaning unit worldwide with pre-set cleaning programes for the dental practice.

The setting of control functions –  such as cleaning time, temperature, Sweep, Degas, etc. is now no longer required. Instead the operator selects the requested programme and simply presses the “Start“ button.Denta-Pro series Control Panel

Elmasonic Denta Pro – convenience for the user, a high quality cleaning result.

  • Optimized use of all cleaning parameters
  • No knowledge of special features required, such as Sweep, Degas or Boost
  • Automatic heating switch-off at 41°C prevents the coagulation of blood protein residues on instruments
  • Tank and casing made of easy-care stainless steel
  • Convenient drain duct
  • Available with or without heating




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