An ultrasonic cleaner can be used for a wide array of cleaning applications. If you want something ‘clean’ get an Elmasonic Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner…

In this application we are cleaning machinery components of varying materials, removing greases, oils, and atmospheric soils.

We used a multi-frequency cleaner as we elected to clean these parts with 25 kHz operating frequency.

The TI-H and or the ST series units offer the user the ability to select between two operating freqencies. 45 kHz or 25 kHz. 45 kHz is used for general cleaning applications, but for suborn tenacious soils we recommend the use of 25 kHz, as this provides a more aggressive cleaning action.

Video: Cleaning Machine Parts – trial cleaning tests

Cleaning Fluid used?
We used the Tec Clean A4 cleaning fluid for this application. It is safe for use with a wide range of metals, glass and plastics. The cleaning fluid was heated to provide further effective cleaning results ( 55 Deg C )

Cleaning Cycle time?
These parts were cleaned effectively within a 15 cleaning cycle time.

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