Techspan New Zealand supply Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners & Steam Cleaners

Made in Germany

Video: NEW Elma Med ultrasonic cleaners made in Germany

How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound (high frequency sound waves, usually from 25 – 200 kHz), and with an appropriate cleaning fluid – fine, intensive cleaning of an array of products can be achieved quickly and very effectively.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Examples

View a comprehensive list of pdf files containing a number of various Ultrasonic Cleaning examples and applications.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals

Techspan carry a range of ultrasonic cleaning fluids suitable for an array of applications.

We carry a selected range of cleaning concentrates and ready-to-use detergents for different markets. From water-free or aqueous cleaning and rinsing solutions to single-tank lubricants

Elmasonic EASY ultrasonic cleaners

The new EASY range of ultrasonic cleaners now available in New Zealand 

Elmasonic EASY series Auto Parts Cleaning video

View the full range of EASY ultrasonic cleaners here….

Do you have a difficult cleaning application?  We can carry out a cleaning trial for you..


Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment from Elma. The professional ultrasonic cleaning equipment when you need the cleaning task sorted !

Heavy Duty xtra TT series Ultrasonic Cleaners

The Elmasonic X-tra TT bench-top ultrasonic cleaners are designed for use in production environments, workshops and servicing facilities

Rated for continuous heavy-duty operation.  x tra TT series tanks are fabricated from special Stainless Steel for long service life. Automatic safety shutdown after 8 hours of continuous operation. Automatic safety shutdown at a bath temperature of 90 deg C.

Ideal for use in industrial cleaning applications, as well as for medical, surgical, dental and automotive cleaning applications.

There are four tank sizes in the xtra TT series range – from 3 litre capacity up to 20 litre capacity.

All machines in the x tra TT range include a Stainless Steel cover.

Elmasonic xtra ST series Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

The NEW xtra ST range of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning machines from Elma Germany.   The latest in ultrasonic cleaning effectiveness

The x tra ST ultrasonic cleaners are an ideal choice for those in the manufacturing sector. All machines are mounted on industrial castors to make them more mobile.

Rugged stainless steel construction featuring the latest in ultrasound effectiveness.

The ST series ultrasonic cleaners offer two selectable operating frequencies, either 25 kHz or 45 kHz.

The Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner that solves your ‘tough’ cleaning tasks. Get an x tra ST