How to Ultrasonically Clean Munitions Casings

Video: How to Clean Brass Ammunition Casings –

When reloading used ammo casings, one of the first steps is to clean the brass casings. It is very important to clean the casings to achieve better and consistent ignition, and to improve the life and longevity of your re-loading dies. Not to mention not wanting to dirty the chamber after you have cleaned it. Done properly the results will provide a more reliable accuracy too.

Here is a video clip showing the use of one of our Elmasonic EASY ultrasonic cleaners, together with the use of our specially developed ultrasonic cleaning fluid for cleaning and brightening brass – Tec Clean A2.

To do the job well and to get it cleaned right first time, here we are using an Elmasonic EASY Ultrasonic Cleaner. The Elmasonic EASY is manufactured in Germany and provides a high quality, powerful and very reliable brass cleaning unit.

Click on the video window below to see how easy it is –

Video: How to Clean Brass Ammunition Casings