In hospitals, the preparation of instruments is a highly complex process, and at the end of it a product is expected to be delivered which presents no risks for patients.

During the central preparation of instruments, ultrasonic devices as well as steam cleaners are being used during pre-cleaning. Stubborn contaminations from orthopaedics or electrosurgery in particular can be easily and gently cleaned off in this way.

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This realisation is undisputed and means that cleaning in central sterilisation departments is increasingly gaining in importance worldwide. This is because hygiene is a basic prerequisite for the production and preparation of medical instruments.

The sound waves in the ultrasonic bath will reach all surfaces that are submerged in the bath fluid. This way even tiny holes, indentations as well as tight corners are cleaned thoroughly.

Like ultrasound, steam jet cleaning can be used for cleaning places that are difficult to access, as steam spreads 3-dimensionally, just as sound. In addition, stubborn contaminations like coagulated blood can be removed fast and gently with steam.

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